Thursday, September 22, 2011

Did you miss the Fall Boutique????? Here's what you missed...

Some of my items are marked down, others are not...
Email me quick because these will go fast!!!!!

 Jack (on assorted bases) $5.00 SALE
Skinny Cat (on assorted bases)  $5.00 SALE 
 Hand Painted Picture $12.00  SALE
You can't control EVERYTHING,
God put hair on your head to remind you of this.

Hand Painted OUR FAMILY RULES $35

 Hand Painted Picture $18.00  SALE
The secret to having it all is believing you already do.

Vintage Frames $6.00  SALE
Available in light and dark brown

 Hand Painted Love Pillow $15.00 SALE

Hand Painted Picture $14  SALE

Kitty Cat $6.00 SALE

 Hand Painted Picture  $18 SALE
Take Time to Smell the Flowers

Picture $6.00 Sold
 Sorry about the MESS, but we LIVE here.

 Hand Painted Picture $18.00 SALE
Don't Be Afraid to....
 Hand Painted Picture $18.00 SALE
Don't be afraid to...

Picture: $6.00 SALE
Many people have eaten my cooking
and gone on to lead normal lives.

Hand Painted Picture  $20.00  Sold
 Normal Day
Let me be aware of the Treasure you are. 

 Chubby Cat $5.00  SALE

 Hand Painted Friends are the Sunshine of Life $18 SALE

 Hannah Frame $10.00 SALE
Available in any color shown:
Pink, Black, Brown, Red, Blue, Yellow, Avacodo Green

 Makena Frame $10.00 SALE
Available in any color shown:
Pink, Brown, Yellow, Red, Black, Avocado Green, Blue

 Chloe frame $10.00 SALE
Available in any color shown:
Yellow, Pink, Blue, Avocado green, red, Black, Brown

 Megan frame $10.00 SALE
Available in any color shown:
Pink, blue, brown, black, avacado green, red, yellow

 Maggie Frame  $10.00 SALE
Available in any color shown..
Blue, pink, red, Avacodo green, black, brown, yellow

Hand Painted Alphabet Picture  $35

 Fall wreath  $16.00 SALE

 Jack---on assorted bases  $5.00 SALE

Audrey Hepburn, Beautiful Eyes Quote
$5.00 SALE

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Bridget said...

I love, love, love your vintage frames! What a neat idea! And what is the little cat made of?? You have a real talent. I will be following your blog and look forward to viewing more crafty ideas!

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